Create an invoice

To invoice a client, click search for the client on the Clients page and click on the Client\'s name in the left hand column. This will load the client information.

Once the client record has been selected, the action bar will show options including Invoice. Click the Invoice button to create a new invoice.

This will take you to the screen shown on the next page.

SC new invoice

There are 7 key areas on the invoice screen. Each of these are covered in turn.

  1. Action bar -- The Invoice screen action bar is similar to other screens. This will allow you to SMS or email the invoice to the client, as well as print. The right side of the action bar contains options to delete or hide the invoice. For a discussion about hiding an invoice see the section on recurring invoices.

  2. Client Details- The client details panel is auto populated based on the client selected when creating the invoice. These details cannot be changed.

  3. Invoice Details -- The invoice details are auto created and updated as the invoice is edited. Changing the date will change the invoice date and update the invoice. The practitioner branding setting will allow you to allocate any branding overrides associated with a specific linked practitioner, if they have their own branding. When left at default the default clinic branding is used.

  4. Invoice Items -- This well is the most commonly accessed area and allows you to add invoice items to an invoice. To add an invoice item, simply type the first few letters of the inventory item name into the text field, i.e. Meta. This will create an auto select with all matching items from your inventory. /var/folders/mt/wfglgn192h77bk_plxhch66c0000gn/T/7-add-invoice-item.jpg

Select the item from the list and it will be added to the invoice along with the unit price and total price as defined in your inventory.

By default, the invoice item status will be set to \"Supplied\". You can change this status if needed. The status will automatically change to \"Backorder\" when the Qty Ordered is less than Qty Supplied. These fields will be displayed on your dashboard in the associated reports automatically.

  1. Payments -- The payments panel contains all the payments that have been associated with this invoice. An invoice can have multiple payments. Until the payments total matches the invoice total a red alert will be displayed at the top of the invoice to let you know that the invoice has an unpaid balance.

You can add a payment by clicking the blue Plus in the payments table. This will open a modal to complete the payment information.


The payment date will automatically be set to the current date and the amount will be set to the current amount owing. Several payment options are available, such as cash, HiCAPS, EFTPOS, bank transfer, or online etc.. If the patient has saved credit card details on file, an option to pay with EziDebit will be shown. If this option is selected the payment will be processed immediately against the EziDebit gateway.

  1. Comments -- The comments panel will allow you to record comments against the invoice. This can be marked as either to be \"shown\" or \"hidden\". Shown comments will print on the invoice, while hidden will not display on the invoice and are for internal use only.

By default, SimpleClinic journals the history of the invoice including items added, item status changes, payments recorded and invoice details to the SimpleClinic Dashboard.

  1. Recurrence Settings -- The recurrence settings of an invoice allow you to define a re-occurring payment schedule.


To create a recurring payment schedule, toggle Recurring to On and select the date the invoice should recur until. Also specify the frequency for which you would like the invoice to recur. Finally select whether the invoice should be auto paid or manual payment. Auto paid invoices can only be created if the client has saved their credit card details on file with EziDebit.

Once the recurring settings have been defined, click Save Settings. These settings will be used to create FUTURE instances of this invoice.

The Exclude Dates well within the Recurrence Settings panel allows you to specify dates for which a recurring invoice should not be created. Invoices will continue to be created up until the Recur Until setting, UNLESS:

  • The recurring switch is set to OFF, OR

  • The date on which a recurring instance is due is in the Exclude Dates list.


When you set an invoice to recurring, you will have the option to Download Client Paperwork. This provides a form that the user can complete in the clinic summarizing their payment schedule and collecting payment information.

Please note: that it is a requirement under the Bulk Electronic Clearing System procedure that clients complete this paperwork and sign this paperwork. Further, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards stipulate that this form then be securely stored. Treat this just as you would treat medical records and files.

Once the client has completed the client paperwork providing their credit cards details these can be entered in the Client Record under the EziDebit panel.

Please do not store the client's credit card details in any text fields in the client record! Doing so would be a credit card security breach. Please instead register to use EziDebit and save any credit card details in the EziDebit tab for the client, which hides the credit card details and stores them securely on the EziDebit servers. Contact Support for more information about EziDebit, and refer to the EziDebit sections in this manual for using this feature.

[SimpleClinic DOES NOT store your client credit card details. These are stored securely on EziDebit's servers.]{.underline}

Editing an invoice

Once an invoice has been created and saved it can be accessed from the Invoices panel of the client record. Returning to this invoice will allow you to continue to edit, add invoice items, delete invoice items, update the status, record payments and / or record comments.

Printing an invoice

The print invoice button will allow you to print invoices for the client. This can be printed on any standard printer connected to your computer. Click the Print button and an invoice will first display in a new tab with a Print button in the top right or press print from within your browser.

The print invoice will be customised with your clinic\'s branding and business details. If you need to change the print invoice format please contact SimpleClinic support and we can create an override for you.

If you have multiple practitioners linked to your clinic account with their own branding or business names, the branding details and business name on the invoice can be changed by using the Practitioner Branding select box in the Invoice Details panel.

hiding an invoice

Recurring invoices are created using the original invoice as a blueprint or template for future invoices. If this invoice remains with an unpaid balance, it will continue to show on the Dashboard under the Client Outstanding Invoices panel. In these situations, the Hide Invoice button will exclude an invoice from all the reports and sales reporting, the Dashboard and Xero.

Hiding invoices is particularly useful if your clinic uses treatment programs, packages, or membership services. You would want to hide the invoice for the full total amount, but you will record and report on the individual payments (such as weekly or monthly payments, or instalments) paid by the client.

Sending an Invoice by SMS or Email

When you send a client an invoice by SMS or email by clicking the SMS or email link in the action bar, the body of the SMS or email will contain a unique link to the SimpleClinic web portal. If the client clicks on this link they will be able to print or download their invoice.

If the client has an EziDebit account the client will also be able to pay their invoice online using the EziDebit real time payment gateway. Payment of invoices DOES NOT require the client to have previously provided credit card details and the card details are collected and processed directly by EziDebit.

Adding Terms & Conditions To Printed Invoices

Some clinics or practitioners may wish to add terms and conditions to printed invoices. You can do this using the Terms and Conditions text field in the Business Setup->Invoice Settings.

The content should be the information you wish displayed or printed. Click on the Save button to save any changes.

The invoice terms and conditions will be displayed on:

  • The practitioner printed version of an invoice.

  • The public version of an invoice.

  • The download PDF version of an invoice in the SimpleClinic portal.