Creating New Items

Clicking Inventory -> Your Items from the main navigation bar will take you to the main inventory page.

This has three main sections.

  1. The action bar - allows you to add new inventory items.

  2. Search bar -- allows you to search and filter the inventory items. The inventory listing can be filtered based on category and manufacturer. You can also search for an item by typing in the search box and clicking go.

  3. Inventory item listing. -- The listing contains all items in the inventory in alphabetical order.

All Metagenics and Biomedica items are pre-populated in all practitioner accounts. Other practitioner brands can be added on request in your account setup.

Clicking the View Product button will allow you to view and edit a product, while the Delete button will delete a product. You cannot edit or delete the preloaded products, you can only toggle the visibility of these products.

Adding a New Product

To add a new product, click the Add New button from the top right of the action bar. This will open the Add / Edit modal.

The following information is required when creating a new item. Required fields are indicated by the red border.

  • Item Name -- This can be anything you wish up to 256 characters.

  • Supplier -- This field is a free text entry field for you to enter the supplier. It auto completes based on previously entered suppliers. If no previous suppliers match the new entry will be added. You can put your clinic name here for your own clinic\'s products, such as herbal mixes, or compounded nutritional or herbal products, or other retail products you may stock.

  • Category -- This field is a free text entry field for you to enter the category. It auto completes based on previously entered categories. If no previous categories match the new entry will be added.

  • Cost -- This is how much you buy the item for [exclusive]{.underline} of GST.

  • RRP -- This is how much you sell the item for [inclusive]{.underline} of GST.

  • Tax -- This specifies whether the item is GST free or not.

  • Item Size -- Use this field for the size, capacity or number of tablets or capsules for the product. This can be used to track product usage in reporting.

  • Description -- This text field can be used to describe the product in detail as needed, such as ingredients list, usage, indications, benefits, or any other information you may need to refer to.

  • Private Comment -- This can be used for any other text associated with the item.

Services and items

A Services item should also be created for each service that you wish to invoice. For any service to appear on an invoice it needs to be entered as a service item.