Creating a client prescription

Prescribing provides an easy way for you to keep track of patient prescriptions, generate supplementation dosing handouts, and quickly convert a prescription with supplements to an invoice.

To create a prescription for a client, firstly select the client on the Clients screen. Then from the top action bar select Prescribe.

This interface is similar to the invoicing interface. Client details are located on the left and prescription details are located on the right. You can manually save the prescription notes as needed, but SimpleClinic will automatically save your entered prescription data every 3 minutes too!

The following sections can be completed in a prescription.

  • Client Note -- this section provides a brief note to a client telling them what the prescription is for. This is a free text area and will expand as you type.

  • Practitioner Note -- this section is an internal note for the practitioner. It will appear on the dashboard under the latest prescriptions well. It will not be shown to the client.

  • Dietary Recommendations- This section provides an area to enter any dietary recommendations. These will be displayed to the client.

  • Lifestyle Recommendations -- This section provides an area to enter any lifestyle recommendations. These will be displayed to the client.

  • Prescribed Supplements -- This section lists any prescribed supplements. To add a supplement, click the Add Item button. More on this below.

  • Other sections to the prescription can be added or tailored to your clinic or practice, using Custom Content, which will be discussed more later in this document.

Adding Items to a Prescription

To add items to a prescription, click the Add Item button in the Prescribed Supplements well.

This will open a dialog asking you to select an item to add to the prescription. The red boxes indicate those fields must be entered or selected.


The following fields are required:

  • Item Name - This is a type ahead that will auto complete based on the items available in your inventory. The search field is the item name.

  • Number of serves - This will be used to display the supplement dosage schedule for the client.

  • Serving size -- This will be used to display the supplement dosage schedule for the client.

  • Frequency - This will be used to display the supplement dosage schedule for the client.

  • Until -- This will be used by the \"Patients out of supplements\" report to calculate for how long the patient should continue taking the selected supplement, or whether they need to be reminded to reorder their supplements.

  • When to take -- This optional section will show the patient when to take the item. Select all the boxes which apply.

  • Notes -- This optional free text area for short comments to the client about why they are taking the particular supplement or additional notes. For example, you may suggest taking 5-HTP supplements with juice to improve absorption, or take dilute a herbal remedy with water.

Once you have added the item you wish to add click the OK button and then save.

Printing the Dosage Schedule

The prescribing module includes a convenient dosage schedule that can be provided to the client. To access this, click the Print button from the action bar at the top of the Prescription page.

The Prescription schedule looks like the following, and will be displayed on the screen for you to check before printing for the client.


The dosage schedule will be displayed in a new tab which can be printed and then closed.

Using Custom Products in Prescribing

You can use any products you have entered into your inventory in the prescribing module. Only products that have a size required will be used in the reporting for out of supplements. You can record a size when creating your inventory item.

When converting from teaspoon, tablespoon, scoop, drop, or pinch for liquid or powder based products the following measurements are used.

Unit Equivalent

Teaspoon 4 Tablespoon 15 Scoop 30 Drop 0.05 Pinch 0.05

For example, a teaspoon of fish oil liquid would be 4ml with a bottle containing 200ml would contain 50 serves.

Making prescriptions quicker

Creating and typing prescriptions can be time consuming! SimpleClinic has several features designed to make writing prescriptions quicker and easier!

  1. Favourite protocols - you can save a prescription protocol that you are likely to reuse frequently for different clients

  2. Ability to clone (ie copy) a previous prescription for a client, to create a new prescription with the same details and advice

  3. To clone the last prescription for a client.

Cloning a prescription

Many new prescriptions are simply a copy of the previous prescription, or slight variations of the previous prescription. To make creating prescriptions in SimpleClinic much quicker, you can clone a previous or the last prescription for a client, to save you having to type it all out again! Then you can just make the modifications to it that you need for the current consultation!

There are two ways to clone a prescription:

  1. Using the clone button on the list of prescriptions for a client

  2. Using the clone button on a previous prescription details screen.

There is actually a third way, to clone the LAST prescription for a client, which is a little different, and is explained in the next section.

The first way to clone any previous prescription is from the client record, clicking on the Prescriptions tab for the client to show the list of prescriptions. To the left of the red delete button is the clone button.

Clicking on the clone button here for a prescription will make a copy of that prescription and open the prescription for editing as needed.

Alternatively, you can select to view any previous prescription using the blue View button, which will open the prescription details. On the menu bar at the top, there is a Clone button which will copy the current prescription.

All details for the previous prescription will be copied, including the advice in the custom fields, and any supplements and/or herbals! Click on Save.

The cloned prescription will be saved with the current date by default, or the date chosen from the date picker field at the top right of the prescriptions screen.

This will make creating prescriptions much quicker!

Cloning the last prescription

In the prescription details screen, there is a Clone button on the menu bar, and the Clone button has a dropdown list icon at the right. Clicking on the dropdown list of the Clone button will display the Clone From Last option.


Clicking on the Clone From Last option will make a complete copy of the last prescription for the selected client, including all text details for all custom fields, and all supplements and/or herbals in the prescription!

NB - if you have added any text into the prescription or added any supplements before clicking on the Clone From Last option, those edits will be overwritten and replaced by the details from the last prescription!